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Overview of Rees Foundation Charity

The Rees Foundation is a registered Charity (1154019) founded by Jan Rees OBE in October 2013 to support care leavers & care experienced individuals and communities across the UK, for as long as there is a need.

The Rees Foundation’s philosophy is a strengths-based model co-creating and championing services, projects and interventions with and for care experienced people. To empower and inspire others to effect social change and improve support, policy, practice, interventions.

Our experience informs us a large proportion of young people leaving care, often do not have the social and emotional confidence or the family and friendship networks that provide the support and resilience to,

  • face the challenges of earning a living and making their way in society
  • or to acquire and hold down employment
  • as well as the skills needed to manage their financial affairs and domestic arrangements.

We recognise that many of these young people and adults do not have the supportive family and community links we all take for granted.

We are co-creating with care experienced individuals and communities a range of services projects, interventions and training to empower and inspire individuals & communities with lived experience of the care system to effect social change, to improve services and support to care leavers/care experienced people and to inform and influence policy to shape best practice.

Our Mantra is:


There are over 70,000 children and young people in care in England and Wales today.

They are living in public care as they cannot live at home with their own family.

There are many reasons for this, abuse, neglect, parents are dead or are not able to care through illness or absences are just a few.

While being in care children and young people may live in a children’s home, with foster carers, be adopted, or with extended family.

Many children will experience several moves and different living experiences.
They live with strangers not from choice but because they cannot be with their biological families.

When young people leave care, life can be complex and challenging as they “tread their path” often with no “family” support and few friends.

About 10,000 leave care each year.

Typically, young people take with them the insecurities and traumas of their past and a childhood spent living outside their own family away from parents, siblings and relatives.

“We are all Life Rookies” but without family support many young people become vulnerable to exploitation,

Unresolved and unsupported these issues often drive young people to become statistics in;
the prison population,
they make up a high percentage of those who are homeless
many will have problems with addiction (drug, alcohol, gambling) or mental ill health
vulnerable to sexual exploitation,
social isolation and loneliness and
find securing and sustaining employment difficult

This is not an easy way to make the transition to adulthood.

Young people leaving care often require help and support well into their adult life just as all young people leaving the family home need support.

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